When I was a student of geography, a very long time ago, I was taught to look deeper into the landscape, to try to discern how it might have formed. Although I did not continue in geography as a career, that element of it must have stuck, as I still do that to this day. Landscape excites me, the way the light falls on it, highlighting this aspect or that, sometimes emphasising patterns. Few things can thrill me as much as discovering the physical world in its huge variety.

Over the years I have dabbled in various forms of artwork, but it wasn’t until I discovered how it was possible to use fabrics and threads that I finally found the medium I wanted to use to express how I felt about, and my response to landscape. As a keen photographer, I build up a vast library of photos wherever I go, and these form my source of ideas. I am as fascinated by the close detail as I am by the broad sweep of the landscape. In particular, I love to find the plants which grow wherever I visit, they reflect the character of the place, and are indicators of the soil and climate.


When we were all locked down during 2020 and 2021, I spent the first few weeks feeling very frustrated. Then I realised that of course I lived in the landscape, and so I took my camera with me on my daily walks, and worked with these photos instead of more distant places.

I look for patterns in the landscape wherever I go, nature is very good at generating surprises. A dream would be to fly in a small plane over almost anywhere, looking for the patterns and taking photos to use in my work.

Textile art work has now become so much a part of my life that I am now unable to imagine life without it. It has allowed me to meet so many lovely people I would never have crossed paths with, and has opened many unexpected doors. It has encouraged my creative side to expand and grow beyond my dreams.

**For anyone who fancies a spring trip into the countryside, I have a small exhibition of work at Humbie Hub, Humbie, East Lothian EH36 5PJ.  It will start on 20th March and end on 22nd April.  The work will be hanging in the lovely cafe at Humbie Hub, so not only can you enjoy seeing some of my artwork, but you can also try out some of the lovely cakes and coffee, or sample a bacon roll..   Check opening hours at humbiehub.com, as they vary on different days, and make sure you avoid Tuesdays, as the cafe is closed then, only the shop will be open.