Where is north? This may sound like an easy question, but of course, north is anywhere north of where the person asking is standing. So, if you are standing at the South Pole, then the whole world is north of you….

I find the lands traditionally considered as north to be fascinating. Life can be difficult, the climate can pose many problems, often the land is poor and unable to support a population of any size. But then, perhaps that is part of the attraction. The land is left empty and beautiful. The landscape is filled with patterns and is sometimes very raw. I have been lucky to be able to travel in the northlands, in Iceland, Alaska, Norway, as well as in Scotland where I live, and this art textile exhibition is a small celebration of ‘North’.

North, an exhibition of textile art
Saturday 12th to Saturday 19th September 2015Whitespace Gallery, Gayfield Square, Edinburgh EH1 3NT
10am to 4pm daily
admission free