Gallery – Ian

Ian graduated from the University of Glasgow as an industrial chemist in 1970 and thereafter pursued a career in chemical research with UK, Swiss and American companies until his retirement in 2011.

His interest in woodwork started at a very early age, incurring frequent reprimands for using up his father’s materials to make go-carts, model boats and such-like. In his twenties, he moved on to household DIY and eventually, in 1990, to woodturning, the outcome of a two-day course in North Berwick.

Woodturning was to provide a welcome outlet for Ian’s creative instincts and an enduring hobby. Early pieces were mostly bowls and platters, made for friends and relatives, but with increasing confidence and skill, later items were also made under commission and for charity events. His niche is in the banding of contrasting woods, a feature now of most of his pieces. In recent years, and now in retirement, a re-equipping of the workshop with higher quality equipment has allowed items of furniture to be created, with or without turned elements.

Ian is delighted to be participating in an exhibition for the first time. The integration of wood and textiles in Branching Out has posed challenges, but has ultimately expanded his horizons.